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Navigating Tornado Claims Disputes and Bad Faith Insurance Practices

Coming like a freight train in the middle of the night, tornadoes can devastate homes, businesses, and communities in their path. In the aftermath of a tornado, individuals and business owners often turn to their insurance policies for financial relief and protection. However, the process of filing a tornado insurance claim can be long and overwhelming, and unfortunately, not all insurance companies act in good faith when handling these claims. At Johnstone Trial Law, LLC, we know the challenges people face when dealing with tornado claims disputes and bad faith insurance practices and can help recover the compensation you deserve.

Understanding Tornado Insurance Claims:

When a tornado strikes, policyholders generally expect their insurance coverage to help them recover from the destruction of their homes, their businesses, and their lives. Your homeowners or commercial property policy typically cover a range of tornado losses, including structural damage, personal property damage, temporary living expenses, and more. It is crucial for policyholders to thoroughly understand their insurance policies, including coverage limits, deductibles, and exclusions, to ensure they are adequately protected.

Common Challenges in Tornado Claims:

  1. Delayed or Denied Claims: Some insurance companies may delay the claims process or outright deny valid claims, leaving policyholders without the financial support they need during a difficult time.

  2. Underpayment: In some cases, insurance companies may offer settlements that do not fully cover the cost of repairs or replacement, leaving policyholders with out-of-pocket expenses. Insurance companies use computer estimates that often do not square with what a real contractor would do the job for.

  3. Disputes Over Damage Assessment and “Pre-Existing” Damage: There can be disagreements between policyholders and insurers regarding the extent of damage caused by the tornado. Insurers may undervalue claims and claim that certain types of damages are pre-existing, leading to disputes.

  4. Misinterpretation of Policy Language: Policyholders may find it challenging to interpret complex insurance policy language, making it difficult to determine what is covered and what is not.

  5. Shortage of Contractors and High Prices: After a tornado or other catastrophic event, contractors are in high demand and even getting a bid can take months. It may even be over a year before they can begin the job and when they do, prices are likely higher than they would be normally. This can lead to increased prices and temporary living expenses that insurers may resist paying.

Why Hire an Attorney?

When facing tornado claims disputes and bad faith insurance practices, having an experienced attorney at Johnstone Trial Law, LLC on your side can make a significant difference. Here's how we can help:

  • Policy Review: Attorneys can review insurance policies to ensure policyholders understand their rights and coverage, helping them make informed decisions.

  • Negotiation: Attorneys can negotiate with insurance companies on major losses on behalf of policyholders to secure fair settlements that adequately compensate for the losses incurred.

  • Dispute Resolution: In cases of disputes over large differences in damage assessments or denied claims, we can advocate for our clients and take legal action if necessary to resolve the issue.

  • Bad Faith Claims: We are well-versed in identifying bad faith insurance practices and can file bad faith claims against insurers that act inappropriately.

Call Us For a  Free Case Evaluation.

Tornado insurance claims disputes and bad faith insurance practices can compound the challenges faced by individuals and businesses affected by tornadoes. Seeking the guidance of an experienced attorney who specializes in tornado claims can help policyholders navigate the complexities of insurance policies and ensure they receive the compensation they deserve. In times of distress, having a dedicated advocate can make all the difference in the road to recovery. Contact our firm today for a free case evaluation with Inge Johnstone at Johnstone Trial Law

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