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Personal injury lawyer in Birmingham

Pursuing Justice For The Injured

Personal Injury


As personal injury attorney in Birmingham, I've met people in all types of situations suffering from the worst injuries of their lives. Often, these people need more than a lawyer—they need someone who will empathize with them, who understands their needs both personally and professionally. The most
rewarding part of my job is improving the lives of the injured and grieving, helping them pick up the pieces while providing them with the financial security they need after suffering from a severe, life - altering injury.

Personal injury lawyer in Birmingham
Personal injury lawyer in Birmingham

You may seek financial compensation for:

  • Medical treatment: Including ongoing physical and occupational therapy.

  • Lost earnings: Including real wage and salary earnings lost while undergoing medical recovery away from work, lost earnings potential such as bonuses and commissions and anticipated future value of earnings, retirement savings, etc.

  • Pain and suffering: Including loss of companionship and capacity for parenting, etc.

Don’t Talk To The Insurance Company Until You Talk To Us

Insurance companies will do whatever they can to pay you as little as possible for a personal injury claim. We offer a free consultation with Hoover injury attorney Inge Johnstone to review the circumstances of your case and explain your options.


We handle personal injury cases on a contingency-fee basis. Our firm will advance the cost of investigating, preparing, and settling or trying your case. You will not pay attorneys’ fees unless we help you recover money in a settlement or jury verdict.

Personal injury includes any case in which a person suffers physical injury as a result of the wrongful conduct of a person, organization, or governmental entity.

Personal injury lawyer in Birmingham

Claims can be the result of:

  • Car Wrecks or Commercial Truck Wrecks involving Traumatic Brain Injuries, herniated discs, broken
    bones and other permanent injuries

  • Train accidents

  • Construction site accidents

  • Slip-and-falls and premises liability

  • Boating accidents and maritime personal injury

  • Nursing home abuse

  • Wrongful death

  • Other wrongful conduct that causes Traumatic Brain Injuries or others serious and permanent physical injury

Do You Really Need To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury cases involve complicated issues such as proof of injuries and medical bills. In addition,
insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid, hospitals and other health care providers may claim that
they are entitled to some or all of any money that a victim receives in settlement or trial.

Choose a Birmingham personal injury attorney who knows how to analyze coverage and prepare a
strong, clear case for full compensation.

Free Case Evaluation

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