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Storm Damage Claims Disputes, Bad Faith Insurance, and the Role of An Attorney


Storms and natural disasters can wreak havoc on homes and properties, leaving people and businesses in a state of distress and uncertainty. Insurance policies are designed to provide financial protection in such situations, but unfortunately, disputes and bad faith insurance practices can make the recovery process even more challenging.Let’s discuss the complexities of storm damage claims disputes, bad faith insurance, and the role that attorneys play in helping policyholders navigate these challenging situations.

Storm Damage Claims Disputes

When a storm damages your property, you may file a claim with your insurance company to cover the repair and restoration costs. However, disputes can arise during the claims process for various reasons:

  1. Coverage Denial: Insurance companies may deny claims, arguing that the damage isn't covered under the policy, or they might undervalue the loss.

  2. Delayed Payments: Insurers may delay payments, leaving policyholders in financial distress and unable to make necessary repairs promptly.

  3. Underpayment: Some insurance companies may offer settlements that do not fully cover the cost of repairs, leaving policyholders to cover the difference.

  4. Appraisal Disagreements: Appraisal disputes can occur when the insurance company's and the policyholder's appraisers disagree on the value of the damages.

Bad Faith Insurance Practices

Bad faith insurance practices occur when an insurance company fails to uphold its obligations to policyholders. These practices can take various forms:

  • Unreasonable Delays: Deliberate delays in processing claims or payments.

  • Unfair Denials: Denying a valid claim without proper investigation or reason.

  • Underhanded Tactics: Using deceptive or unfair tactics to discourage policyholders from pursuing claims.

  • Lowball Settlements: Offering settlements significantly lower than the actual value of the damage.

  • Misrepresentation: Providing false or misleading information about policy terms or coverage.

How Can We Help?

Experiencing storm damage, a denied claim, or bad faith insurance practices can be overwhelming. Here's how an attorney can assist in these situations:

  • Expertise: Our insurance attorneys are well-versed in insurance law and can assess the validity of your claim.

  • Negotiation: At Johnstone Trial Law, LLC, we can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to ensure you receive fair compensation.

  • Litigation: If necessary, we can file lawsuits against insurance companies that engage in bad faith practices to seek justice and compensation.

  • Appraisal Assistance: We can help you navigate appraisal disputes and ensure a fair assessment of the damage.

  • Legal Advocacy: We will advocate for your rights and interests throughout the claims process, holding insurance companies accountable.

  • Legal Knowledge: We have extensive experience in insurance claims and understand the intricacies of insurance policies and can interpret policy language to your advantage.

Contact Us Today for Your Free Case Evaluation

Storm damage claims disputes and bad faith insurance practices can add significant stress to an already challenging situation. Having an experienced insurance attorney by your side can make a substantial difference in your ability to recover and rebuild after a storm. By understanding your rights and seeking legal representation when needed, policyholders can level the playing field and ensure that they receive the compensation they are entitled to under their insurance policies. Contact us today. 

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