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Watch Out When Filing Your Hail Damage Claim with the Insurance Company

On April 5, 2017, major storms ripped through North Alabama causing wind and hail damage. The storms likely will give rise to insurance claims for hail and wind damage. If you have hail or wind damage and need to file an insurance claim, be ready for the insurance company's tricks.

Consumers Need More Information About Insurance Before They Buy

When you buy a car, you can check the tires, look under the hood, or take it for a test drive. However, when you buy an insurance policy, you are not buying just a piece of paper but are buying the insurance company's ability and willingness to pay claims. As a result, the only real way to know what you are buying when shopping for insurance is to have real information about a company's track records for paying claims and its financial stability.

Allstate Insurance Popped for 27 Million Dollars!

A jury has slammed Allstate Insurance for over $27 million dollars in connection with a defamation lawsuit brought by four former employees. In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Allstate accused four of its employees of dishonesty in connection with stock trades that they made for Allstate. While the filing did not mention the employees by name, the employees argued that anyone could figure out who they were by simply connecting the dots. Allstate then fired the employees for cause. The employees contended that they were just following Allstate's own guidelines. Allstate continues to hold down the top spot on Johnstone Carroll's list of the worst insurance companies in America.

Court Sides With Insurer in Cyberinsurance Case

A federal court has granted summary judgment for Federal Insurance Company against the parent company for P.F. Chang's China Bistro. P.F. Chang's sought to recover $1.9 million dollars that it reimbursed its card processor in connection with a data breach incident.  The Court held that the payment was excluded from coverage by language excluding payments for liability assumed by contract.  The Court found that the money that P.F. Chang's sought to recover had been paid by the restaurant because it had assumed the liability to its card processor in its contract.  This case shows the importance of making sure that your insurance policy meets your needs.

Another Insurer Tries to Avoid Covering a Cyber Attack

On Thursday, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage Inc. filed suit against AMCO Insurance Company in Colorado federal court for denying coverage for a cyber attack based lawsuit filed against Vitamin Cottage. Vitamin cottage was sued in a class action filed September 2015. This class action arose out of a cyber attack against Vitamin Cottage in which hackers gained access to customer credit card data and other private information. Vitamin Cottage sought coverage for the lawsuit from AMCO under its commercial general liability policy. After several months, AMCO denied coverage.

Alabama Federal Court Dismisses Bad Faith Suit Against Insurer

In Ware v. Nationwide Insurance Company, the federal court in Birmingham dismmised a bad faith/breach of contract suit against Nationwide.  This bad faith case involved a claim under a homeowner's policy for mold and water damage to a home.  The insured claimed that the damage was caused by rainwater and the insurer claimed it was caused by groundwater. 

State Farm Insurance Releases List of Top Ten States for Wind and Hail Losses

State Farm Insurance Company issued its list of top ten states for wind and hail losses.  Wind and hail losses are commonly covered by insurance policies and include damages caused by tornado, hurricanes, and other similar events.  Click here to see the article.

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