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Watch Out When Filing Your Hail Damage Claim with the Insurance Company

On April 5, 2017, major storms ripped through North Alabama causing wind and hail damage. The storms likely will give rise to insurance claims for hail and wind damage. If you have hail or wind damage and need to file an insurance claim, be ready for the insurance company's tricks.

Insurance companies will often claim that hail damage is pre-existing or not caused by this particular storm or will try to replace less of the roof than is necessary. First, do not delay in reporting the claim to the insurance company. Gather together documentation such as home inspection reports, engineering reports, photographs, or roofing invoices to show that the damage is not pre-existing. Also, take your own photographs. In addition, obtain quotes from respectable roofers on the amount necessary to repair the storm damage. If the insurance company gives you push-back and the amount of damage justifies it, you might also want to get an engineer's report on the roof damage. Finally, feel free to call us if we can help.

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